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FSDC appoints committee members
Industry experts to provide counsel on policy research, market promotion and other key areas of financial services
The Asset 16 Jan 2023

The Financial Services Development Council (FSDC), an industry advisory body established by the Hong Kong Special Administrative region government in 2013, has announced the appointment and reappointment of members to its committees, with effect from January 17.

These new and existing members have been appointed to the six committees – policy research, mainland opportunities, new business, market development, human capital, and corporate governance – to provide counsel on specific work areas of the FSDC. The council has consulted the government on the appointment of the committee members in accordance with its Articles of Association.

FSDC chairman Laurence Li says: “Members of the six committees are seasoned industry practitioners who possess profound expertise and vast experience gained from different areas of the financial services industry. I am thrilled to have them as a part of the FSDC family to put forth valuable insights and advice for our work in policy research, market promotion and human capital development, helping consolidate Hong Kong’s leading status as an international financial centre connecting to the world.”

Li also thanked the 13 outgoing committee members, as well as the outgoing board members Winnie Wong, Donald Perry, and Stephen Wong Yuen-shan, for their extraordinary contributions to the FSDC in the past years.

He says the FSDC will continue to promote the growth potential of Hong Kong’s financial services industry by enhancing its capabilities in performing its key functions of policy research, market promotion and human capital development, as well as engaging stakeholders across various financial sectors.

The members of the six committees are as follows:

Policy Research Committee: Daniel R. Fung, convenor; Edward Au, Chordio Chan, Lisa Chung, David Lau, Yoo-Kyung Park, Eleanor Wan, and Jack Zhang, members; Joseph Chan, in his capacity as undersecretary for financial services and the treasury, ex-officio member; and Tracy Wong Harris, Jing-Jing Jiang, Vincent Lau, Eric Ng, Kar-Yan Tam, Jennifer Tan, and James Turner, new members.

Mainland Opportunities Committee: Ding Chen, convenor; Shusong Ba, Terence Chan, Leiming Chen, Thomas Fang, Hu Zhanghong, Haizhou Huang, Brian Li, Lin Yong, Liu Shihong, Bonnie Tse, and Wallace Yu, members; Kelvin Cheung, Paul Ho, Conrad Yan, and Jonathan Zhu, new members;

New Business Committee: Winnie Wong, convenor; Damien Allen Green, Rex Ho, Angelina Kwan, Jeremy Lam, Arthur Lau, Danny Lee, Ronald Lee, Ernest Leung, Charles Lin, Mark Shipman, Patrick Tsang, Gabriel Wilson-Otto, Pat-Nie Woo, and Zhang Li, members; and Adrian Cheng, new member.

Market Development Committee: Henry Fan Hung-ling, convenor; Eva Chan, Glenn Fok, Patrick Lau, Amy Lo, Benson Luk, Frederick Ngan, Stephen Phillips, Leland Sun, Sally Wan, Serina Wong, Xu Qin, and Daisy Yeung, members; and Edward Ho, Victor Ho, and Levin Wang, new members.

Human Capital Committee: Diana Cesar, convenor; Kalok Chan, Eric Hui, Armstrong Lee, Janet Li, Phillip Meyer, Franco Ngan, Gordon Tsui, Albert Wong, Anna Wong, Ivan Wong, Louisa Wong, Thomas Wong, and Peter Yan, members; Jim Lai and Doris Lian, new members.

Corporate Governance Committee: Andrew Walter Bougourd Ross Weir, convenor; Lena Chan and Laurence Li Lu-jen, members; and Manda Chan Wing-man, in her capacity as deputy secretary for financial services and the treasury (financial services), ex-officio member.

Daniel R. Fung, Ding Chen,  Hu Zhanghong, Brian Li, Lin Yong, Damien Allen Green, Jeremy Lam, Adrian Cheng, Henry Fan Hung-ling, Glenn Fok, Amy Lo, Diana Cesar, Jim Lai, Andrew Walter Bougourd Ross Weir, Lena Chan, and Laurence Li Lu-jen are also appointed as board members.

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