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Loosening of restrictions likely to be gradual, controlled, much like economic reform
29 Nov 2022
Damage caused by government's actions, or inactions, reflects embedded inequalities
22 Oct 2022
Value of lives saved by severe approach 3.6 to 5.8 times that of lost economic output
14 Oct 2022
Measuring economic losses misses need for new social contract fit for contemporary challenges
30 Jan 2022
Supply disruptions plaguing US are the result of a logistics ecosystem not designed for a pandemic
12 Nov 2021
Although everyone hopes the pandemic will end soon, the economic benefits will be qualified
15 Sep 2021
Climate change is quickly becoming a noticeable factor in macroeconomic performance
25 Aug 2021
Support measures aimed at supporting people and businesses affected by pandemic-related restrictions
10 Aug 2021
Focus on pandemic-hit countries, over 40% of allocation for emerging and developing markets
3 Aug 2021
As advanced economies return to pre-pandemic growth, prospects for developing ones more mixed
25 Jun 2021
The global economy could lose one of its future drivers of growth as the pandemic halts a quarter-century of steady economic growth on the continent
29 May 2021
Much rests on governments’ ability to deliver sufficient economic growth to restore fiscal balances
18 May 2021
IP must serve the global good, rather than humanity serving the interests of a few private companies
29 Apr 2021
Government seeks to inoculate about 70% of 110 million population to achieve herd immunity
12 Mar 2021