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Agreena, a Danish agtech start-up that sells carbon credits generated by farmers who transition to more regenerative farming practices, has joined a distributed ledger technology (DLT) test project that aims to incorporate tokenized assets into traditional financial instruments.
22 Sep 2022
Opportunity allows fund managers to de-risk portfolio investments, credibly report on climate
19 Sep 2022
Given the geopolitical and climate-driven urgency of phasing out fossil fuels and shifting to a carbon-neutral economy, it is tempting to hand more decision-making power to credentialed experts. Yet whatever advantages a technocratic approach might have would almost certainly be offset by popular resistance and loss of public trust
16 Sep 2022
The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is looking into how to initiate a carbon credit market in the country to support companies that are undertaking green energy initiatives.
12 Sep 2022
Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) has signed two memorandums of understanding (MOU) with international carbon offset managers Gold Standard and Verra. The agreements will enable Singapore-based companies to use eligible carbon credits to fulfil a portion of their compliance obligations under the country’s carbon tax regime. They are part of Singapore’s efforts to help operationalize Article 6 of the Paris Agreement on the trading of carbon credits.
31 Aug 2022
Investor demand for ESG-compliant products keeps growing in highly diverse region
23 Aug 2022
The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has expanded the Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) Sukuk and Bond Grant Scheme to support companies raising capital to meet their sustainable finance needs. The grant is also now extended to sukuk issued under the regulator’s SRI-linked Sukuk Framework.
23 Aug 2022
The key takeaway from June’s Ocean Conference was that the United Nations remains committed to relying on incremental change to protect maritime resources, with the private sector firmly in charge. But, under current technological constraints, protecting the ocean from further degradation requires reversing its privatization
17 Aug 2022
Efforts to establish a global climate governance regime have taken a long, zigzagging path, most recently hitting a wall in the United States. But now that congressional Democrats have reached a compromise on sorely needed climate legislation, there may still be a chance to keep the 2015 Paris climate agreement alive
2 Aug 2022
Ambitious, comprehensive package of requirements set the bar in Asia, match Europe
29 Jul 2022
Without rapid reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions, the effects of climate change will continue to worsen, posing an acute risk to human civilization. In the absence of effective multilateral frameworks, it is necessary to increase the costs of emissions unilaterally through other means
28 Jul 2022
Japanese real asset manager’s self-generated solar power recognized as renewable
8 Jul 2022
In a world beset by crises that are likely to grow even more severe amid rising temperatures and deepening inequality, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. But we already have tried-and-tested policy schemes that could help us tackle these problems in a politically sustainable fashion
8 Jul 2022